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Varun malhotra
Varun Malhotra, a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad & Washington University in St Louis, stands as a leading voice in financial literacy in India. 

With prestigious qualifications like CFA & CMT, he has impacted over 18 lakh individuals through his flagship programs, FLAP (Financial Literacy Awareness Program) and FLIP (Financial Literacy Intensive Program). Identifying the need for financial literacy in India, he founded the Edge Institute for Financial Studies in 2010. Besides guiding retail investors on creating wealth in the Stock Market, Varun has worked extensively with the Indian Armed Forces, ensuring financial literacy among its ranks. Featured in "Heroes Amongst Us" and various national dailies, Varun's mission is to amplify financial literacy in India. 

Join us and be empowered by Varun's expertise.

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6 Reasons Why You should attend FLAP.
Avoid Misinformation
Navigate the world of investment without falling prey to misleading advisors
Achieve Financial Independence
Craft a robust Financial plan to achieve true Financial Freedom & let your wealth work for you
Gauge the Market Pulse
Learn to gauge if the market is underpriced or overpriced & make informed decisions
Fast-track your Learning Journey
Why take the long route? Fast-track your learning by at lest 5 years with our Webinar
Beginner Friendly
No prior knowledge required. We guide you seamlessly form novice to expert, step by step
Get your Queries Resolved
Rarely can you ask an expert like Varun directly; Use our 45 min
Q&A session to clear your doubts 

Distinguished Lecture Destinations

Indian Army

India Air Force

Border Security Force

Indian School of Business

IIMs - Indian Institutes of Management

SRCC - Shri Ram College of Commerce

Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

Bank Of America

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From the Speaker


1. How can I join the workshop? 

We recommend using Desktop, Laptop or Tablet for best experience. However you can also log in using your cell phone.

2. Will I get recording of the workshop? 

Unfortunately, We do NOT share webinar recordings. 

3. Can I ask questions during the workshop? 

Yes! We will have a dedicated 45 Minutes to 1 Hr FAQ Session to clear your doubts. 

Disclaimer : This workshop is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It teaches you the fundamentals of investing in stock market & gives you the knowledge to make better financial decisions. The reviews given are for that specific individual who made the efforts to learn & implement our teachings, we do not guarantee any results. 

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